Immigrate To Canada From Australia

Mar 4th 2017 0 Comments
Migrate from australia to canada

Are You Planning a Move to Canada?

Many Australians, estimated at around 40,000 now live in Canada, so what drives them to make the long journey to live in this North American country? There are many similarities between the two countries, with them both speaking English, and enjoying similar outdoor lifestyles. While Australia is a lot hotter than Canada, many thrill seeking Aussies are drawn to Canada for the snow sports such as skiing and snow boarding. The landscape in Canada is very diverse with towering mountain ranges, beaches, prairie country and vibrant, bustling cosmopolitan cities. Whether you are an Aussie planning to move to Canada for a new job, to study at one of Canada’s top class universities or just to have a completely fresh start in a new country, Canada offers a lot to Australian immigrants. 

Both countries are fairly sparsely populated, with a lot of wide open space, and agricultural work, which attracts Australians who have experience in farm work. Additionally there is a very thriving economy and a need for people in many types of work, which makes getting a visa fairly simple if you are skilled in a particular trade. The cost of living is not quite as expensive as it is in Australia, and the health and social care system is known to be very good.

Similarities Between Canada and Australia

Both countries have a liberal, laid back outlook on life, with the cities being very multicultural, with a young population. There is a lot to do at night in any one of the Canadian cities with thriving nightclubs, cafes, restaurants and bars as well as a great arts and cultural scene, with many art galleries and museums.

If you are Australian and are thinking of moving to Canada, then you are advised to contact a reputable Canadian immigration agency such as one of the consultants reviewed on our Canadian visa reviews website. They will help you apply for the right visa, and ensure that you have the correct documentation for your move to Canada from Australia. Canada is a fantastic country with a lot of opportunities for Australian immigrants, so make sure that your journey gets off to the best start possible.




Canadian Visa Reviews

Canadian visa reviews website offers modern news and articles about life for immigrants in Canada as well as researched reviews of Canadian immigration consultants, to take the stress out of choosing one.


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