Immigrate To Canada From Ireland

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move to Canada from Ireland

Thinking of Moving To Canada From Ireland?

Canada attracts immigrants from all around the world, drawn to its good standard of living, buoyant economy, great universities and thriving culture. There are more than 5 million immigrants from Ireland now living in Canada in cities such as Saskatoon, Calgary and Toronto. Many immigrants move to Canada because of a lack of job opportunities in Ireland, with Canada currently having a booming economy and job market. Moving to another country can be highly stressful, as it can be expensive and lonely at first, but Irish immigrants are lucky in that there are already Irish communities in Canada, with many social organisations and websites in place. Many major Canadian cities celebrate Irish holidays like Saint Patrick’s Day, and there are shops selling Irish produce such as soda bread and Irish whiskey.

Where Can I Get Help Once I Have Immigrated to Canada?

The Irish Canadian Immigration Centre (I/CAN) is an organisation that was set up in 2012 to help Irish immigrants with advice and information about getting housing and jobs as well as accessing social services. Life is not so very different in Canada from Ireland. The winters in Canada are a lot colder and generally summer is warmer than in Ireland, but cities such as Vancouver enjoy milder weather than other parts of Canada. Both countries have a relatively high cost of living, so financially the move will not be such as shock. The health care system in Canada is very good, with reports from immigrants that it is actually better than that in Ireland. There are also a lot of jobs in Canada, with visas tailored to meet them, such as the Skilled Trades visa programme. Ideally one would hire a reputable immigration consultant such as one of the ones that Canadian visa reviews assesses before publishing a review. Moving to Canada from Ireland is a big step to take, so make sure that you get expert advice along the way.


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