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Beautiful Ottawa City

If you are thinking of moving to Canada’s Ottawa, Canadian Visa Reviews are here to help answer any questions that you may have about the city of Ottawa. Ottawa is in the province of Ontario, near the border with Quebec and stands on the bank of the Ottawa River. It is around two hour’s drive from Montreal and five hours drive from Toronto. The border with America is around an hour’s drive south from Ottawa, making it a great location.

Ottawa City Origin, Population, and Weather

Ottawa was founded in 1826 and was originally named Bytown. It started off as a French and Irish Roman Catholic settlement but since then has become a thriving multicultural, multifaith metropolis. Almost 900,000 people are living in the city alone, and Mercer has ranked Ottawa as having the 14th highest quality of life worldwide. MoneySense has also ranked it many times as the best community in which to live in Canada. It also ranks in the top five of cleanest cities globally.

It has two universities, the University of Ottawa and Carleton University, which gives the city a lively, youthful feel.

The weather in Ottawa follows four very distinct seasons, with winter lasting from around December through to March, with the cold weather often lingering on through to April. So any immigrants moving there should stock up on warm winter clothing. Summers are usually hot and last from June right through to September. The city has many public parks, which are great for hiking in or having a picnic with family and friends. The cost of living in Ottawa is above average although still affordable with rents starting at around $800 for a studio apartment. As well as being a green city, Ottawa is also a clean city. It has the Rideau Canal running through the city, which turns into the longest ice rink in the world in winter and many bike lanes and scenic walks.

The Canadian government based in Ottawa and civil service is a big employer in the city. It is also a bilingual city where you can hear both English and French being spoken as well as many other languages.

The city is very famous for its beautiful architecture, and as a great dining destination with many excellent restaurants reflecting its French influences as well as that of the immigrants who have moved there, as there is a Little China and a Little Italy. One local snack food is the French-Canadian dish poutine, which is chips mixed with gravy and cheese curds, well worth trying while you are in Ottawa.
Ottawa is known for its many festivals including Winterlude in February, Irish Week, Bluesfest and Folkfest as well as many festivities on Canada Day on the 1st of July.

Public transport is very accessible in the city, with a reliable bus system run by OC Transpo. Driving is also fairly smooth in Ottawa, with drivers driving on the right side of the road.

All of these reasons make Ottawa an attractive destination for immigrants wanting to live and work in Canada.


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