Immigrate To Canada From Pakistan

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Move From Pakistan to Canada

Canada is home to many thousands of people who originate from Pakistan, and Canadian visa reviews likes to ensure that anyone planning a move to Canada from Pakistan is kept up to date with all the latest immigration news. There are many Pakistani immigrants living in Canada, adapting well to the Canadian way of life and enjoying new opportunities. Canada offers the best of both worlds, fantastic awe inspiring scenery with modern, innovative and friendly cities, that are often home to a vibrant multi cultural population. Large numbers of Pakistani immigrants make the move to Canada each year, either moving to join existing Pakistani communities or exploring the country themselves. You can celebrate your traditions and culture or immerse yourself in a brand new culture. If you can speak French or English, you will find it a lot easier to get a visa for Canada and find jobs, but you may also be able to get a job as a Pakistani translator.

Is Life In Canada Different From Pakistan?

Most people from Pakistan are Muslim, and may live a religious lifestyle and wear traditional forms of clothing but Canada is a secular society that accepts people from all faiths and cultures. It is not a conservative society like Pakistan, so Pakistani’s with ultra conservative beliefs may find it a shock to the system as there are far less rules about sexuality and gender. Canada is more expensive than Pakistan, so often both parents in a family will have to work, with most women of Pakistani origin in Canada having to work outside the house. This can lead to the family dynamic becoming more Westernised as a result.

The weather too is very different, with extremely cold winters, usually with thick snow, and there is less humidity in the summer than in Pakistan. There may be many differences between Canada and Pakistan, but this can make the experience of immigrating to Canada from Pakistan a challenging yet fulfilling experience. There are great job opportunities in Canada, and the wages are generally a lot higher than in Pakistan, so immigrants can enjoy a better standard of living.


Canadian Visa Reviews

Canadian visa reviews offers up to date news and reviews of Canadian immigration agencies for anyone thinking of immigrating to Canada.


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