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Move to Canada from the US

Canada is Now Living The American Dream

Evidence suggests that the concept of the American dream is now alive and well in Canada, due in part to widespread inequality in the USA. The idea that everyone can work hard to achieve wealth has encouraged immigrants to travel to America for years, but reality shows that this is no longer the case in the United States, due to huge health care costs, stagnant wages and a volatile housing market after the 2008 recession. Canada on the other hand now seems to be the real land of opportunity, with more Canadians having degrees, living longer and owning their own home than their US counterparts. Canadians were also ranked as being the 6th happiest people globally compared to Americans at 13th and all this and working 80 less a year, no wonder Americans are moving to Canada.

Many immigrants and refugees are now heading to Canada for more opportunity, particularly in light of the obstacles that the Trump administration have put in the way of immigrants from Muslim majority countries. Canada has like many Western countries an ageing population and a declining birth rate so it has been actively encouraging immigration from overseas and across the border. Canada is more liberal that the United States, with a leadership that professes to be feminist, secular and tech friendly as opposed to the evangelical, misogynistic trend that the Republican party seems to be following. Even America’s Silicon Valley is having satellite offices in Canada as a way of retaining skilled foreign workers who are affected by Trump’s ban on people from certain countries. There are likely to be massive changes to the popular H1-B visa, which will mean that skilled professionals now working in the USA may have to move north to be able to work.

When President Trump won the American election, the visa application site for Canada actually crashed due to the amount of American citizens who were looking into moving north. The lifestyle of the two countries is very similar, and they both speak English, making the move an easy one for Americans. If you are an American citizen who is thinking of immigrating to Canada, then why not contact one of the immigration consultants that Canadian visa reviews has researched, and find out what you need to do to get a Canadian visa.

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