Vancouver welcomes all with open arms

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Vancouver in the Canadian province of British Columbia is a popular destination for immigrants. It has a reputation as a tech hub, with many animation studios, software firms, aerospace and biotech companies and film studios.

The city enjoys a stunning backdrop of lofty mountains combined with beautiful ocean views. In partnership with a vibrant and innovative culture with art, music and some fantastic bars and nightclubs.

Beauty has a price though as Vancouver has some of the most expensive real estate’s globally. House prices increase exponentially every year as more and more people are drawn to this lively city of Canada.

Vancouver is having the mildest climates in Canada and is often ranked among the top three cities to live in worldwide
Vancouver is famed for its multicultural population, with many languages being spoken along with English and French including Tagalog, Punjabi, Chinese and German among others.

Over half of the school age, Vancouver children can speak at least two languages.

People moving to Vancouver from other countries may find that there are communities from their home country, but they are advised to learn English.

It will not only increase your chances of being given a Canadian visa but will also make a living there a lot easier. Newspapers in Vancouver are available in a variety of languages, and one of the local TV stations OMNI broadcasts TV programmes, films and news in a variety of languages and to suit different ethnic groups.

Some Tips on How to Behave in Vancouver

Residents in Vancouver are allowed equal rights in housing, jobs and any other services, and they expect people were visiting or moving there from other countries to respect that.

Canadians do appreciate a firm handshake, but also like their personal space. Good manners are appreciated such as opening doors and being punctual for business meetings.

Additionally, some companies allow casual dress if you are unsure, it is best to wear more formal clothes.

It is also seen as rude to talk to someone in a foreign language if there are other people around who do not understand it. Smoking is banned in most public places, so make sure that you are allowed to smoke before lighting up.

These tips are just a guide as to how to behave in Vancouver. Every city and country has its quirks, and once you settle into life in Vancouver, you will soon see that generally, people are the same everywhere; they all want a comfortable, comfortable life.


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