Canada Has A New AI Hub

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Jan 27th 2018 0 Comments
Canada Has A New AI Hub is a new information hub on all things related to artificial intelligence developments and research in Canada.

Candidates for Canadian immigration with Information and Communications Technology experience will want to take note of, a new information hub showcasing developments and research in Canada’s burgeoning Artificial Intelligence industry. This new AI hub was unveiled at TechTO in Toronto, which arranges regular gatherings for workers and innovators in the tech sector in Canada. The hub built with a collaborative effort between Borealis AI, NEXT Canada, and the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute, and the Vector Institute and the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms among others.

It has been a group effort and only heightens Canada’s growing presence in the tech world globally. This hub will concentrate any advances and news about AI development and research initiatives in Canada. Additionally, it will function as a specialized directory of Canadian businesses, research institutions, and organizations that are focused on artificial intelligence. The hub will also offer details about any AI meetings, conferences or other events that are going on at any time anywhere in Canada.

The CEO of Element AI; Jean-François Gagné stated that Canada was home to some globally renowned AI companies who were pushing the boundaries of AI research and development. This AI hub will be an excellent draw for highly skilled immigrants with expertise in tech and artificial intelligence and may encourage them to seek jobs in this industry in Ontario. Last year most of the immigrants who were nominated by the province for permanent residence in Ontario had work experience in ICT jobs such as web designers, software engineers and designers, interactive media developers and computer programmers.

Different streams

The Human Capital Priorities Stream is one of the Ontario Immigration nomination Programmes most favorite and popular streams and is specifically for highly skilled immigrants who have work experience in one of 15 jobs within ICT. This stream is usually for candidates who already have at least 400 CRS points, but candidates with ICT work experience were nominated for this stream so that they could move to Ontario and work in the technology field.

British Columbia has a similar immigration stream for techies called the BC Tech Pilot Programme that targets immigrants who are experienced in one of 32 tech jobs. Nationally Canada has the Global Talent Stream to assist workers with in-demand skills to move to Canada. This is an excellent time to be a tech worker if you want to immigrate to Canada.


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