Many Migrants Not Going For Canadian Citizenship

Mar 7th 2017 2 Comments
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Growing Numbers Renouncing Chance To Become Canadian Citizen

In the past 2 years, some 21,000 foreign nationals with permanent residence for Canada are turning down the chance to get citizenship. The majority of these residents are originally from China, South Korea and India, and the reasons given have included not wishing to pay tax in Canada and not liking the colder climate.

What Happens When You Renounce Canadian Citizenship?

If you have permanent residency for Canada then choose to give it up, you do not have to give up your passport of the country of your birth and don’t have to meet requirements of residency such as living in Canada for a particular time. Additionally they do not have to let the Canada Revenue Agency know about any foreign assets. Many of these immigrants still have family members living in Canada, and may even have children at school, but they can visit them frequently with a 10 year Canadian visa. If you have permanent residency then you are obliged to spend at least 2 years out of 5 in Canada which can be hard if your main job is outside of Canada. Sometimes people do not want Canadian citizenship as that means giving up their original passport, with countries such as India and china not allowing nationals to have more than 1 passport. Since 2016, when it was made possible to renounce Canadian citizenship, there have been over 5,000 Chinese citizens who have declined the chance to apply for Canadian citizenship as well as 2,431 from India, nearly 1500 from the UK, almost 1700 from South Korea and 1,129 from Taiwan. Many of these immigrants have spouses and children who may carry on living in Canada and may become Canadian citizens themselves. Once the original person who moved to Canada retires, they are able to be sponsored by their family members who have citizenship. It remains to be seen if many of the people currently living in Canada with permanent residence permits will decide not to apply for Canadian citizenship, a lot of this depends on whether the Canadian Government will tighten up on this loophole or whether the countries that they originate from will allow them to hold more than one passport.


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