New Express Entry Statistics for ITAs

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Express Entry

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada have just released their latest figures for how recent changes to the Express Entry visa have affected those who were sent an Invitation to Apply, known as an ITA. The statistics concentrate on the period between November 2016 and May 2017.

Previously applicants who had a job offer in Canada constituted 38% of all people given ITAs, but this has dipped to around 10% after the changes. These changes to the selection system were to give priority to applicants who family members are already living in Canada. The changes reduced the number of points for a job offer to either 200 or 50 from 600. The points based on the

National Occupational Classification, which gives 200 points to people in senior management positions.

This shift in points also favored immigrants according to their age, academic qualifications, language aptitude in English and French as well as previous work experience. Other factors that can increase the number of CRS points given are whether the applicant has already spent time in Canada for work or study.

Even with these changes, applicants with a job offer in Canada are still more likely to be able to increase their number of CRS points. Also getting a job offer may be a quicker way to come to Canada than to take the time to learn French or English, or go back to university.

Applicants Studied at Canada

Applicants who have studied at a Canadian university are also awarded extra points either 15 or 30 CRS points depending on how long they studied. The Canadian government views international students who study in Canada as a valuable resource, as they are likely to be young, well educated, have excellent language skills and also comfortable with Canadian culture. Figures show that of the applicants who were issued with ITAs between November and May 32% of them had a minimum of two years university education from a Canadian academic institution. For applicants who have studied outside Canada, they must ensure that they have an Educational Credential Assessment, to check that their academic credential meets Canadian requirements.

Even if an applicant is still working towards their degree, they can add CRS points once they have graduated. Other changes included more points being given to immigrants with siblings already living in Canada and to those who have language skills in French.


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