Trudeau and Trump to Meet

Feb 12th 2017 0 Comments
Trudeau and Trump to Meet

Justin Trudeau Meeting Trump on Monday

The two North American leaders are due to meet tomorrow for their first official meeting. Trudeau champions LGBT and women and refugees rights and encourages global trade links while Trump has talked about getting rid of the Nafta trade deal, halted immigration from Syrian refugees and members from 7 mainly Muslim countries as well as limited abortion rights, the two leaders could literally not be more different. But as almost 400,000 people cross the border between the United States and Canada every day, to and from jobs in both countries as well as to visit family, an agreement will likely be reached. Three quarters of Canada’s goods for export go to the US, and around 2.5 million jobs in Canada depend on trade with America so there is a lot to discuss. The two countries while being geographically linked have very different cultures, which both want to protect so the meeting tomorrow will be about kindling a personal relationship between Trump and Trudeau to cement the long standing relationship between the two nations. Trump’s senior advisors have stated that he will not target Canada in trade negotiations, and this may be helped by the fact that Trudeau has never criticised Trump in public, but he has used social media to highlight the differing opinions being offered in Ottawa and Washington, particularly around immigration.

Immigration a Hot Topic

There have been recent reports of Canadian citizens being stopped at the border and questioned about their religion and their background so this is likely to be a topic of discussion. Canadian’s will hope that their leader will develop a positive relationship with Trump but that he will stand up to him. Canada still wants to keep its trade links with the United States and easy passage to and from both countries but it does not want to be seen as in any way agreeing with the Trump presidency’s more divisive policies. It remains to be seen whether Justin Trudeau can create a good working relationship with this, one of the most unpredictable leaders that the United States has had in recent years.


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