If you believe you have dealt with an immigration company or law firm that scams people or does not deliver on their services as promised, Canadian visa reviews would like to hear about your experience. Even if it did not happen to you but to someone you know, we would like to know about it, so that we can do a proper report on the scam agency. Immigrating to Canada can be a stressful thing to undertake, costing a lot of money and time, so the last thing a prospective immigrant needs is to be overcharged or scammed for immigration services. We know how it feels to have a company scam your hard earned cash, it does not feel good. So Canadian visa reviews feels very strongly about reporting these fake or scam immigration consultants, so that you don’t run the risk of being scammed.

About Reporting a Possible Scam to Canadian Visa Review:

The more details you can give us, the better. If we are going to report these scam companies, and write a review about them, warning other people not to use them, then we need detailed information. For example, their name, a link to their website, and information about what exactly they did to scam you. We will not use or share your personal information, unless you expressly wish us to, but we will use any information that you give us, to investigate the immigration agents or law firm, and report our finding s on Canadian visa reviews and to a scam checker website.

Please note that while we will do our level best to report on exactly what happened, we write online reviews on our Canadian Visa Reviews website and do not represent the Canadian Government or any other official bodies. We do not have the power to take anyone to court and prosecute them, but we can do a fair investigation on your claim, and report honestly about any information that we find. We at Canadian visa reviews believe that everyone has the right to immigrate to Canada without being scammed, and if we can help by reporting on scam immigration agencies, then we may be able to stop other immigrants from being taken advantage of.


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Canadian Visa Reviews is a review site that provides up to date reviews of Canadian Immigration firms, and also provides the latest visa news. Our aim is to assist people planning on moving to Canada for work or study by giving an honest appraisal of immigration law firms and agencies, so that you can avoid being scammed. We do not offer immigration services ourselves.

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