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Express Entry in Nova Scotia Reopened

PLLC is a firm of lawyers who regularly support immigrants who want to move to Canada. They state that they have provided legal services for many people including scientists, professional athletes, hospitals, scientists and consultancy groups.

The company has Marc Laforce as an RCIC (regulated Canadian immigration consultant) who heads a team that offers a boutique immigration service for people and businesses that want to move to Canada or employs foreign nationals in Canada.

They help people with Canadian visas that include: temporary visas, Quebec skilled worker, skilled federal worker, Canadian citizenship, student visas, self-employer, investor class and many other visa programmes. They are based in Oklahoma and Dallas.


The website for Azhar and Azhar is fairly easy to navigate and has information about the company as well as information about successful immigration cases that they have worked on.

Additionally, they have a page that links to media that one of the owners; Sunny Azhar has been represented on, which is a nice touch and one that Canadian visa reviews has not seen on many immigration websites.

The website itself is not the most modern that we have seen, but it is fit for purpose. It has a list of their charges, which is very useful if you want to know how much it may cost to hire them to represent you when making your claim for a Canadian visa or permanent residence.

The website also has an online diary where you can schedule a visit to speak to a lawyer or RCIC. It may be more useful for immigrants who want to move to Canada from the United States.

When Canadian visa reviews used Scam Advisor to check the credentials of the website, it came rated as being highly trustworthy, which means that there are not many negative reviews online or problems with the server or ownership.

Some web pages were missing such as a privacy policy, refund policy and terms and conditions, and we also felt that there was not enough information about the various types of Canadian visa. While- we appreciate that they are a law firm that does not wholly concentrate on immigration to Canada, we feel that the site would benefit from having more information about Canada.

Social Media

Azhar and Azhar have a Facebook page with 340 followers, but the content, while being useful is not updated regularly. On the plus side, they have over 30 positive reviews on the page.


Canadian visa reviews have researched Azhar and Azhar PLLC and feel that they are a trusted company to provide immigration assistance to people who want to move on their own or with their families to Canada.




Visa process has been made easy through the consultancy. Through its 24*7 accessibility, people can be reached out any moment. Not just person concerned but the entire family is also taken care of for the immigration formality. A positive testimonial on the website has also increased the queries from the clients/candidates each year.


Website content at times is vague, because of old information. Basically, this calls for constant up gradation. Also, the slow net connection can hinder the visa process which usually requires instant action.


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