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Dennis Brazolot, who has qualifications in Marketing and Business Management as well as extensive experience working in real estate and immigration across Europe and in Canada, founded this firm of immigration consultants. He has worked in the immigration field since 1995, and has been involved in founding immigration firms in the UK and the Nederlands. Brazolot Immigration Group was founded in 2010, when Mr Brazolot came back from Europe, and since then has helped thousands of people from across the globe immigrate to Canada. He is a member of Canadian Professional Immigration Consultants, the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council in addition to being a Commissioner of Oaths and is a regular speaker at immigration conferences and in the media. Many of his team were originally immigrants, and the company has a solid track record of helping people apply for visas and work permits. The website is clear and easy to navigate and has information about the different types of visa programmes and also boasts of having immigration consultants who can speak more than one language. The only thing missing from the website is a news/blog section and a free online assessment tool for prospective migrants, in line with most other immigration consultants. They have an assessment but it costs nearly £50. Their social media pages seem to be updated regularly and they passed when put through scam checkers.

Now for the bad news, unfortunately Dennis Brazolot has a history of sexually assaulting his young, female colleagues, particularly when alcohol is involved on work nights out. He was previously expelled from the Organisation of Professional Immigration Consultants (OPIC) for not giving information when he was under investigation by them, and there are complaints online about the Brazolot Migration Group charging higher rates of fees than other agencies. One of the UK companies that he took over, Four Corners Migration also has a lot of complaints regarding expensive fees and lacklustre assistance from employees.

Brazolot Migration Group is a legitimate company, with a history of helping people migrate to Canada but on the negative side, Mr Brazolot appears to be rather greedy and undisciplined with his colleagues and clients.


Qualified Immigration Consultants with a long history of assisting immigrants with visas of all types, marred by a rather sleazy history of sexual discrimination by the owner of the firm. Qualified Immigration Consultants with a long history of assisting immigrants with visas of all types, marred by a rather sleazy history of sexual discrimination by the owner of the firm.




Lots of experience, a clear, easy to use website and immigration consultants who can speak different languages.


Dennis Brazolot was taken to court and made to pay fines to the women who claimed he had sexually harassed them, in addition a previous company that he owned had a history of charging too much compared to other immigration consultants.


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