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How To Get a Canadian Study Permit 

Before you can apply for a study permit in Canada, you have first to be accepted by a Canadian university. The study permit enables you to remain in Canada while you study at a university. You may need an additional visa as well as the permit, depending on where you come from if you are an international student.

If you want to apply for a study permit or student visa, there are three ways to apply:

  •  Online Application – This is a simple way in which you can apply yourself, without professional help. All you need is a valid credit card with which to pay any fees, and a scanner to make electronic copies of any documentation that is required.
  • Apply by Mail – The relevant forms are available online, so simply download them, then fill them out carefully, and post them back to the address on the forms.
  • Certified Immigration Consultants or Law Firm – By hiring a specialist immigration consultant who is certified with the appropriate Canadian immigration regulatory bodies, you are guaranteed a professional service, where someone else takes care of all the documentation. A regulated immigration professional will check all your paperwork to make sure that you have filled in everything properly, and that you have the correct documentation. Canadian visa reviews assesses and reviews immigration agencies, checking to see that they hold the appropriate certification, and that they do not have a bad record with previous customers.

Where To Study in Canada?

Canada is globally renowned for having a great education system with some fantastic universities. If you want to study in Canada, it is sensible to pick your university by the course you want to do, or by language preference as some universities are French speaking as opposed to English speaking. Also have a look where they are located, do you like the feel of the city?

Scholarships for International Students

Most Canadian universities offer scholarships for international students, which will help you with the financial costs of a university education, as well as getting a student visa. Canada offers lots of opportunities for students from overseas, if in doubt, speak to a reputable immigration agency to see what your options are for study in Canada.

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