CanadianVisaReviews was started with the sole purpose of helping people hoping to immigrate to Canada. We run this visa reviews website for YOU, so if you want to tell us something, whether it os good or bad, we would love to hear from you. Any feedback or suggestions about what we should be doing, what we could do differently, or even about things you like are always gratefully received. Is there a Canadian Immigration consultant or law firm that you think we should review? Is there an immigration company that you have had a bad experience with, and you want us to write about it? Well get in touch. We will always do our best to reply to any messages or comments and act upon them if necessary.


If you have any specific questions, then please make them as detailed as possible, so that we can follow through with a review or article on our Canadian visa reviews website. If your question is of a personal nature, then we will reply to you by email, and will always keep your personal information completely private.


At we want all people viewing our reviews website to feel free to comment on our reviews, news and articles. We invite your thoughts on subjects that you would like us to write about, whether it is an immigration agency, or a visa or immigration related topic, or even just an article about Canada. We really do appreciate feedback and ideas and comments from our viewers, we run this website for you, so like to hear your comments.

We also accept written submissions, and articles and reviews from our readers, so if you have been to Canada for work or study, or even on holiday and would like to share your personal story, let us know! Canada is a big country, with a lot of amazing landscape, culture and cities, we would love to hear about your adventures in Canada, so that we can share them with our readers. Sometimes it is the personal touch that makes a country come alive for people. So if you want to share a story about your Canadian adventures, get in touch.


Canadian Visa Review

Canadian Visa Reviews is an online review site that gives you the very latest and most up to date news and reviews of all things pertaining to immigration to Canada. We look at current news, trends and personally review Canadian based immigration experts to make it easier for you to choose the ideal immigration experts for you and your loved ones. Moving to another country and culture is not always easy, it’s a big move, and so we like to make it simpler for you.

Canadian Visa Reviews is a review site that provides up to date reviews of Canadian Immigration firms, and also provides the latest visa news. Our aim is to assist people planning on moving to Canada for work or study by giving an honest appraisal of immigration law firms and agencies, so that you can avoid being scammed. We do not offer immigration services ourselves.

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