Spousal Sponsorship

Dec 5th 2016 2 Comments

Help Your Spouse or Partner Immigrate to Canada

Do you want to help your spouse, partner or children immigrate to Canada? At Canadian visa reviews we try to answer all your questions about immigrating to Canada. We can help you find trustworthy immigration agencies to help you submit your visa application, to live, work or study in Canada. We can help with tips about finding your dream job; we also have regular news updates, to keep you posted on all issues Canadian. And we also give advice about applying for specific visas, and making sure that you go through your immigration checklist before leaving for your new life in Canada.

Spousal sponsorship applies when you are over 18, and are a Canadian resident or citizen who wants their spouse or common law partner or children to come to Canada to live with them. This covers partners who already live in Canada with you or currently live overseas. If you become a sponsor that means that you have to provide financial support for your partner and any children. This includes clothes, food, healthcare needs and shelter. The arrangement stands for three years after the partner or children move to Canada, even if you break up, get divorced, and ten years for children until they become nineteen. If you are with a same sex partner,  the Canadian Government recognises same sex-marriage which means same-sex partners are eligible to apply for any of the three categories for spousal sponsorship.

In December of last year there were announcements regarding changes to sponsoring spouses to become permanent residents of Canada. Processing times are now down to 12 months, and the system is now streamlined so that the process is the same regardless of whether your partner lives in Canada or outside it. In addition there are now less forms and the language used is a lot simpler. People applying to come to Canada, as a spouse will not have to give medical reports and information about any criminal history via a police report at the start of the process by nearer the end, when officials require it. There will still be stringent background checks on all sponsorship applications to ensure that the people concerned are in fact married or in a partnership, as well as security checks. The best way to go about sponsoring your spouse for a move to Canada is to ensure that all your documents are up to date, and those of your partner. Bringing your family to live with you can seem a daunting prospect but if you go about it correctly, your visa process will go a lot more smoothly, so you can both enjoy your life in Canada together.


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