Ontario’s Immigrant Nominee Programme increased number of immigrants

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Jan 26th 2018 0 Comments

Ontario’s Immigrant Nominee Programme, also known as OINP has just increased the number of immigrants who can come to Canada through the programme. There is now an increase of 600, taking the total number of allocations to 6,600. This programme is Ontario’s version of Canada’s many Provincial Nominee Programmes, whereby provinces can choose which immigrants they want to nominate based on their skills, work experience and if they work in an in-demand occupation in that particular province.

Ontario has increased its provincial nominee allocation in a drive to meet the demand for immigrant workers with specific skills to achieve a gap in the local labour market. If differences in the job market are filled, this is beneficial for the local and national economy.

OINP Has 8 Different Streams

Ontario’s Immigrant Nominee Programme has eight streams, which are open for applications from immigrants. These include the foreign worker stream, the in-demand skills stream, the international student stream, the French-speaking skilled worker stream, the Ontario express entry stream, which gives incomers Canadian permanent residency in as little as six months. Additionally, there is the employer job offer stream, which allows skilled candidates to get connected with the relevant employers in their field in Canada. Other streams are the entry skilled trades stream and the corporate stream. It allows Canadian corporations that are trying to grow their business to connect with and potentially hire skilled overseas workers.

There is also an entrepreneur stream for foreign business owners who want to relocate and bring their business to Canada. If you are an immigrant who is highly educated then later in the year, the Ph.D. graduate stream and the Master’s graduate stream will be open for applicants with a strong academic background.

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