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Mar 3rd 2017 5 Comments

Have a Skilled Trade? Why not Work in Canada.

Canada is actively advertising for immigrant workers who are skilled in a variety of trades, and has various work visas especially for skilled workers. For Canada’s economy to grow and for the country to be able to compete globally, they need skilled trade workers, particularly if you have both theoretical and practical knowledge about their chosen trade. At Canadian visa reviews we have created a list of some of the in demand occupations that are open for foreign workers in Canada:

Pharmacist, Urban Planner, Mining or Forestry Manager, Software Engineer, Pilot/Flying instructor, Teachers, Market Research Analyst, Lawyer, Registered Nurse, Medical Doctor, Marketing Manager, Construction Manager, Information Security Analyst, Software Developer.

There is also a growing need in Canada for skilled workers in the health and social care sector, particularly in community care for the elderly, and in mental health agencies and in prisons. In addition the home health care sector is suffering a skills shortage, with skilled people needed for long and short term home support. Foreign workers who are qualified in childcare are in demand to work in day care centres, nursery schools, and as self employed child care professionals.

Another industry in Canada that always needs skilled staff is the huge oil industry, with a skills shortage of petroleum engineers, and oilfield workers.

How to Make Your Job Application POP!

A recent study by Workopolis found that 67% of the Canadian executives that they spoke to said that they had problems finding employees with great communication skills as well as a strong work ethic, team building skills and a good attitude. If you can show that you have these attributes as well as a great CV, it will help boost your chances of landing a fantastic trade job in Canada. So dust out your CV, make sure that it lists all of your skills, not just your academic credentials, and start applying for skilled trades jobs in Canada, while keeping positive and upbeat so that employers connect with you at the interview. Canada offers great opportunities for foreign workers, so plan your move now.




Thanks for good information

I need information on how to move to Canada permanently.

good day sir/maam.. been planning to work canada.. hope you connsider me.i,m a medical technologist for 7 years. thank you.

really thanks, I need more information on how to apply to move to Canada and what is the criteria of selection

Hi I am a Social Worker and I want to live and work in Canada


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